We are your full-option audiovisual integrator. Over the years, we increasingly specialised in more complex projects, designing solutions for control rooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, council chambers, and any type of meeting or collaboration rooms.

Tailored to the operator

View better, share faster. And take the right decision in a snap.

Control rooms

A control room is where critical decisions are made. They require specialised audiovisual integrations, leaving nothing to chance. What an operator needs, is a smart workplace – intuitive, with the best viewing experience, ergonomic and designed for interaction. Let us assist you.

Schedule. Meet. Listen. Think.

We don't offer off-the-shelf packages for you to simply assemble in your office. Because we want you to be able to do it your way.

The rooms

Each of our audiovisual integrations is meticulously customised, encompassing solutions and comprehensive workplace management in meeting rooms, boardrooms, brainstorm hubs, cockpits, mobile displays, signature rooms and reception areas. However, drawing from our years of expertise, we have crafted several meeting room archetypes for your inspiration.

Let's connect

It's all about connectivity and technology. Especially in hybrid workplaces.

Workplace management

Boost the well-being of your employees with well-equipped workplaces. Including room booking, desk booking, visitor management, and digital signage solutions.

Supporting teachers and students

Smaller and hybrid classrooms, training centres, massive auditoriums…

Lecture hall

Empower resourceful teachers with intuitive technology, and offer students a splendid experience. Focus on audio and acoustics, or on advanced features like multiple auto-tracking cameras, ceiling-mounted microphones, high-quality speakers, and user-friendly touch panels for easy control. Each type of lecture hall has its own specific set of required features.

Meet. Discuss. Present. Stream.

Explore new heights in your city hall.

Council chamber

Frequently adapted for multi-purpose use like city councils, meetings, and press conferences, council chambers truly excel when government entities invest in a high-end audiovisual integration.

Dazzle your guests

This is your moment to shine, your chance to create a lasting first impression, and our privilege to support you in this endeavour.

Reception area

Boundless possibilities. Picture a gigantic screen, and/or some slightly more modest models, with showreels, warm welcome messages, efficient queue management - all tailored to fit both you and your guests.

Made to measure solutions

Our designs are customised to your team and what it needs to collaborate in hybrid environments, to work intuitively and to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. We’re big fans of… no… we’re obsessed by the endless possibilities and the pursuit of the perfect outcome.

We test

And we test again. Before putting any plans into action, we are thorough researchers. We conduct test setups in or lab or on-site, leaving nothing to chance.

We (and our solutions) are scalable

The future is now, but also tomorrow. In a rapidly changing world, our AV integrations need to be incredibly flexible and scalable, just like our clients are.

The future is now

Reduced reliance on stationary workstations. Increased variety of collaborative rooms. A timetable incorporating quiet hours and hybrid meetings. Initiating meetings while en route. Immediate and equitable productivity for all, regardless of location… The future is now.