Council chamber

Meet. Discuss. Present. Stream.

In the short version, a “raadkamer” or council chamber is a chamber where the municipal council meets. In the extended version, it’s a place with stringent audiovisual requirements and, at its full potential, it's much more than just a meeting room.

Whitemilk was there when the pioneers first wanted to stream the municipal council, and also when the largest council chamber in the country, the gigantic Europe Room, had to be set up. This is our cup of tea.

Everyone is equal

The council chamber's unique aspect is that it demands active participation from all attendees. Every seat holds equal importance. Everyone must be clearly audible and visible, even for those following online. Everyone should be able to vote and to understand, possibly in a different language. This calls for equipment that can be implicitly trusted: the perfect conferencing system, PTZ cameras, presentation and collaboration features, streaming possibilities…

Moreover, this room often serves as a prestigious space in the town hall, suitable for press conferences, meetings for large groups or committees, as well as weddings and other events.

Typical components include:

  • The discussion system, which is much more than just a microphone for each person.
  • Audio, that needs to be intelligently designed, considering a.o. all the microphones.
  • Screens, proportionate to the room size.
  • Camera recording, ensuring that municipal council sessions are enjoyable and clear to follow online.
  • Control, using a user-friendly operating system.
  • Interpreter booths for those speaking a different language.
  • Management, with prompt reporting and swift resolution of any potential issues.