Control rooms

Tailored to the operator

Watch. Share. Think. Decide. That’s how fast it needs to be in a control room. This implies that the technology must be 200% reliable, secure, and tailored to the operator. Seamless communication enables critical decision-making.

We temporarily take control of your control room, allowing you to regain full control over all essential information and data. An operator’s world is hectic, so let the workplace offer peace of mind and confidence. Let us guide you from concept and design to build and run, and 360° support afterwards.

It all centers around the operator

The chairs are important. The tables. The lightning. And technology, of course. Multiple screens in various formats display a wealth of information: the larger ones for everyone’s visibility and some on each desk that also serve for monitoring and communication with different clients across various networks. Robust software knows how information is shared in a control room and how operators arrange their workspace. With 1 mouse or trackpad and 1 keyboard.

The operator is at the heart of it all. All information and data are readily accessible, at the right time, in the right place.

Crafting bespoke control room experiences in:

  • Process-driven Industry
  • Traffic Management
  • Public security
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Airports & Air Traffic Control
  • Trading floors