Lecture hall

Supporting teachers and students

Digital, interactive, hybrid. International. A campus is a place where you acquire knowledge while also serving as a meeting point and a place for social connection. This calls for clever audiovisual implementations.

How about a classroom where lessons are both recorded and streamed, equipped with an auto-tracking camera that follows the instructor, a second camera above the demonstration table or at the back of the room, a ceiling microphone, speakers, and a touch panel that controls everything effortlessly? Or do you simply want a place where you can teach or learn comfortably and effectively?

Tools you understand without studying

Technology is an extension of human ingenuity, offering answers to the specific requirements of each training room, auditorium, laboratory or other practical space, every classroom, library, cafetaria, and more.

  • Interactive tools inject motivation into both learning and teaching.
  • Smart solutions integrate ergonomics, communication, collaboration, mobility, storage, and environmental considerations.
  • The control systems are intuitive and accessible for every instructor or staff member.