Meet the Whitemilk Team! Also known as The Whitemilk Vanguard, being at the leading edge of the audiovisual industry. As the name implies, we master innovation, progressiveness, and a pioneering spirit like none other.

Hold on a moment. While “The Whitemilk Vanguard” may sound nobly impressive, in the end, we’re simply being who we are: a joyfully smiling team, captivated by bits and bytes, and motivated by the quest for the ultimate audiovisual solution.

Personal growth drives company growth

Although we're constantly expanding and on the outlook for specialist knowledge, we don’t believe that sheer numerical growth is the ultimate measure of importance. Our focus lies in being the most distinctive AV partner imaginable, leading the charge along the swiftly shifting high-tech landscape. Hence, we are constantly evolving and innovating, fostering personal growth for every team member on our journey. We’re dedicated to encouraging training and giving constructive feedback.

All of us

Our ranks include AV technicians, AV/IT consultants, AV/IT experts, AV/IT programmers, AV/IT project managers, AV/IT network & security engineers, a service & support team, a rental team, a rock-solid back office & warehouse team, and a management team.

We won’t introduce everyone individually; that would turn into a lengthy and unread webpage. But what we can state without a doubt is this: none of us is as smart as all of us.