The rooms

Schedule. Meet. Listen. Think.

Imagine an office. Not 'The Office,' but a modern-day office. It's a building filled with rooms, each serving different purposes. There's a reception area, flexible workstations, quiet spots, collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and boardrooms. Perhaps you work in one like this? Over the years, we at Whitemilk have gotten to know them inside out and have witnessed, maybe even built, their evolution. We work together with you to craft each room to meet your specific needs.

Cockpit, Small, Medium, Large

Schedule. Meet. Listen. Think. Work together. Well-run companies today have mastered the art of collaboration in many ways, for good reason. This calls for technology that’s not just reliable today, but that’s also scalable and ready for the exciting possibilities of tomorrow.


Certain days demand a touch more mobility than the rest. Here’s an all-in-one interactive mobile display for brainstorms or project rooms.

Signature rooms

Preferring the front row experience? Of course, you do – even when virtually attending a meeting. The layout of a Front Row meeting room draws inspiration from a theater, placing the presentation at the heart and ensuring a clear view of the speaker for all attendees, including those taking a ‘workation’ in the Tropics.