Driving change with sustainable AV & ethical responsibility

Whitemilk takes responsibility. We enhance sustainability within our audiovisual integrations and are dedicated to prioritising the well-being of people and the planet throughout our own processes, ultimately driving profit and prosperity for all.

Each of our projects embodies sustainability. Our audiovisual solutions connect people, even if they are worlds apart. We facilitate collaboration, presentation, meetings and information sharing, ensuring our tools evolve in tandem with the teams and organisations employing them. We have the ability to drive positive change, fostering sustainable projects and partnerships that are poised for tomorrow’s challenges.


We take up our corporate social responsibility, resulting in the EcoVadis Bronze status, which registers us among the top 28% of rated companies.

15 goals 2022-26

We aligned our core values with the UN's 17 global goals, selecting 15 aspirations that we are committed to achieving by 2026. The baseline measurement occurred in 2022.


We hold a steadfast dedication to crafting a safe, healthy and inspiring environment for the Whitemilk team and our entire ecosystem on a daily basis. It is through this approach that we can be a place that nurtures innovation—a place of inclusivity wherein individuals find personal contentment, mutually encourage and challenge one another, engage in continuous learning, flourish, and unlock their utmost capabilities. The power is in the team, in the collective strength of the people.

  • 3,600 hours training (1)
  • 0 work accidents (2)
  • 15% leases a bike (3)
  • 10% non-male (4)
  • 5% roots outside Belgium (5)
  • support for 2 initiatives on poverty and education (6)


We take action to combat climate change and its repercussions. We prioritise sustainability in our own consumption (car & bike policy, buildings, waste management), meticulously select suppliers and manufacturers (production), and design audiovisual integrations for customers that adapt and expand flexibly within a high-tech and rapidly changing world.

  • 75% electric fleet (7)
  • industrial waste/year < 30 tonnes (8)
  • 1 partner programme recovery AV equipment (9)
  • 188 square metres of solar panels (10)
  • -15% electricity and natural gas (11)


We operate within an international framework, with complex production and trade networks. For us, sustainability entails achieving transparency and efficiency through close and long-term partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Green list with high-end AV manufacturers (12)
  • 80% is CSR-complient, endorsing our Supplier Code of Conduct (13)

Cyber security

Within our advanced high-tech setting, cybersecurity stands as a pivotal concern. We invest in systems that enable us to transparently and securely store, share, or delete knowledge and data.

  • 1 tool to share securely (14)
  • Cloud solutions with built-in security (15)

Our first track record on the 15 goals will come out in January 2024.

Linked to the goals of the UN

We drew inspiration from the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which can be explored at Out of the 17 goals, our affinity extends to all, and numerous of our initiatives contribute to various objectives. However, we have identified 4 goals where we are confident that our impact can be maximised:

Good health and wellbeing

“Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”

Decent work and economic growth

“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”

Sustainable cities and communities

“Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”

Climate action

“Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”