AV Technician Rental


Ready to make the high-tech connection? You have AV flowing through your veins. You get a thrill from challenging projects where you can demonstrate your skills efficiently and effectively. You live in the moment, for the moment. You love your team and your customers. Are we right?

Our AV Technician Rental...

  • handles everything related to audio, video, decibels, pixels, bits, and bytes.
  • possesses a broad and solid foundational knowledge of audiovisual solutions.
  • works both in the warehouse and on-site during events, exhibitions, presentations, fairs, streamings... both domestically and internationally.
  • Understands that during these events, it's essential to have a technician the organiser can rely on. The audiovisual effects are crucial at that moment.
  • Enjoys flexible working hours.

About you

  • Preferably, you hold a higher technical diploma.
  • You have 2 years of experience in the field, preferably in the same sector.
  • Your technical insight and passion for AV drive you to stay up-to-date with new developments.
  • You speak Dutch, English, and have a reasonable command of French.
  • Your skills and sense of humor seamlessly match those of the rest of the team.

Our offer

At Whitemilk, you'll be part of an environment filled with high-tech innovations, working with a fantastic team known for their excellent reputation and clear vision. Our ambition is unmistakably to provide the world's best audiovisual solutions.

  • While sometimes it's straightforward and quick, most of your time will be spent contributing to challenging projects. 
  • Of course, we offer you a competitive salary and everything you need to excel in your job. 
  • With us, you can grow... alongside us.

About Whitemilk

Whitemilk is the reference in audiovisual projects. Our rental team combines experience with fresh talent, translating the most advanced techniques into achievable and integrated possibilities for exhibitions, conferences, events, and shows. We stand for a complete approach, from planning to installation.

From Gent, Ronse and Kluisbergen, we serve clients across Belgium and beyond.

If you can connect people, you can create the future.