AV Consultant


At Whitemilk, we collaborate with organizations that aim to seamlessly connect people in meeting and collaborative spaces (both in-person and remotely). We also work with those who operate control rooms in ports and airports, fill auditoriums, or prepare treatment rooms for the future. Are you interested in joining us to shape these projects?

A day in the life

A Whitemilk AV Consultant enjoys a fascinating role that combines commercial, social, and technical aspects. Your schedule is filled with:

  • Conceiving, designing, and managing complex AV projects in collaboration with a top-notch team.
  • Participating in sales meetings where you, together with the team, evaluate and determine the right focus.
  • Engaging in customer visits, from initial introductions to the signing of a proposal, and beyond to future projects. You always have a long-term perspective in mind.
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry, actively seeking new possibilities, ideas, and market opportunities. You navigate the technological highway. You are aware of the innovations brewing in our AV Lab, staying ahead of the curve, understanding what aligns with Whitemilk, and finding inspiration and new opportunities everywhere.
  • Conducting on-site demonstrations or at our AV Lab.
  • Collaborating with the back office and project manager to translate your designs into clear proposals that you diligently follow up on. You are the one who convinces customers to move forward.
  • Clients can rely on you for inspiring, professional, and efficient advice, the right solutions, and proper project management.

Our HR wishlist

  • You hold a higher technical degree (bachelor's or master's).
  • You have a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience, with a strong knowledge of professional AV being essential.
  • Your technical acumen and passion for AV and IT drive you to stay updated with the latest developments, and you actively pursue continuous learning.
  • You possess a commercial and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Your creativity shines through in your organizational and negotiation skills.
  • Both clients and your team view you as reliable and professional, and they enjoy collaborating with you.
  • You are fluent in Dutch, French, and English, both in speaking and writing.

What we offer

At Whitemilk, you'll be part of an environment filled with cutting-edge innovations. We work on complex projects and actively shape the future. We entrust you with the responsibility for clients and projects across various sectors, including the corporate world, public sector, healthcare, and education.

However, perhaps even more importantly, you'll be part of our fantastic team:

  • Our team has an excellent reputation, extensive knowledge, and a clear vision.
  • We always welcome new ideas and proposals.
  • With us, you can grow... together with us. To ensure our dynamic growth continues, we invest in our team through both internal and external training.

Of course, we offer you a competitive salary and everything you need to excel in your role, including a company car with a fuel card.

About Whitemilk

Whitemilk has been the go-to name for innovative and complex audiovisual projects for the past thirty years. We blend decades of experience with fresh perspectives, transforming the most advanced technologies into achievable, integrated, and groundbreaking solutions for control rooms, auditoriums, boardrooms, collaboration hubs, classrooms, reception areas, medical environments, events, and more.

We are the experts. We anticipate what's next. We are dedicated to delivering excellence.