If you can connect people, you can create the future

The audiovisual solution

We provide the audiovisual connection within your company or at your event, opening doors to collaboration and creative thinking like never before.

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Tailored to the operator

View better, share faster. And take the right decision in a snap. A control room is where critical decisions are made. Let us guide you through the possibilities.

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Custom-made audiovisual solutions

  • Tackling complex projects

    We are the experts. Tackling any project, really. We are strategic thinkers with a passionate can-do attitude, committed to deliver.

  • The Lab

    Our AV lab is for testing, experimenting, pre-staging and training. Continuous self-improvement and development of our team is key.

  • Partnerships

    We believe in the accumulated power of manufacturers, suppliers, the IT channel and our team to grow together by sharing knowledge and innovating together.

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Whitemilk is certified

  • Barco Gold Partner
  • Extron Platinum Partner
  • Shure Diamond Partner
  • Samsung Platinum Partner
  • QSC Premium Partner
  • Jabra Authorised Partner
  • Crestron Elite Partner
  • And more

We love our team

It's not the technology that's magical, it's our people. One of their great qualities is their dedication to keeping customers at the centre of their universe. Meanwhile, we ensure that every team member can fully cultivate their AV/IT or other talents and work in a way that feels entirely natural.

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Great follow-up and cooperation.

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