Super Sundays ahead


There’s a new highlight on the Whitemilk calendar, as we proudly announce our Gold Partnership with Gantoise.

We’ve been pondering over sustainable sports sponsorship, aligning ourselves with a club that shares our ambitions and values. Gantoise Hockey competes at the highest European level, but equally important is their commitment to inclusivity across hockey, tennis, padel, and the dance academy. They're a welcoming club for all.

Every few weeks, we gear up for a Super Sunday, where both the men’s and women’s teams play at home. We've initiated our Whitemilk colleagues into the rules of the game, and are ready to invite clients to join us in cheering, and having a bite and a drink. Or two.

But there’s more to it: the beautifully designed facilities along the Watersportbaan in Ghent also house event and meeting spaces, with stunning views of the pitch and the water. We’re not just occasional hosts there; we’re also the go-to partner for audiovisual support.

Meanwhile… Team Whitemilk is eagerly anticipating a padel initiation session! Perhaps with a BBQ thrown in?

This is right up our alley!

Go Gantoise!