We'll be even better in our thirties


"Until three years ago, it was unthinkable that Whitemilk could have executed such a complex and critical project." That’s what our Managing Director, Jan De Keyser, wrote last week on LinkedIn about our project at EUROCONTROL (check our Portfolio here).

And how about thirty years ago? When Whitemilk was founded under the name Projection & Presentation in the 'Ronsische' Peperstraat. Or ten years ago? When 'we' were still fewer than ten and submitted a proposal for a project that seemed larger than life. But we tackled it with such determination that it left us craving more.

Whitemilk steadily grew for about a quarter of a century before kicking into an even higher gear. Occasionally, tough decisions were made with great care and love. Because that's what you do in thirty years of life.

One constant: it has always revolved around people. Around our team, with its unique vision and extensive expertise. Around you.

"Put people first. And if we take good care of them, the rest will follow naturally." We're not going to argue with what our Managing Director says.

If you can connect people, you can create the future.
This year. The next thirty. Cheers! 🥂