AV checklist for planners


Planners love their lists, and they have to. Fate throws in enough quirky elements. Whether you're planning a party or a series of events for your company, this checklist is a must-have! It's designed to brief your audiovisual team.

After nearly thirty years, we know what our ideal briefing looks like. We've put together a simple checklist for planners that also helps them grasp the technology a bit.

Well in advance:

  • Are you the main contact for the AV team?
  • Outline the plans and share your audiovisual expectations. How many people are you expecting to take the stage? What's the setup? Will guests bring their own laptops? Will you show PowerPoints? Do you want to stream a speech or interview? Are you considering livestreaming? A hybrid event?
  • Prepare for a site visit with the AV project manager. They'll want to know the venue's possibilities and limitations. How high is the space? Can you hang anything from the ceiling? Is the power supply sufficient? How strong is the network? What about natural light? Is the location accessible?
  • Provide an initial schedule.


As soon as possible:

  • Share the show flow and all the details you have.
    • Do you need more than one microphone? How many exactly? Who will use them and for what purpose?
    • Is there audience interaction? In what way?
    • Check with your AV project manager for the format and proportions of content for the screens (and communicate this to everyone creating content, including guest speakers).
    • Will guest speakers bringing their laptops need adapters and dongles?
  • Set dates for setup, rehearsal, and teardown.


5 days before the event:

  • Double-check if anything else is needed and communicate any last-minute changes. The devil is in the details.
  • Send the screen content to your AV team for review.
  • Do you need the names of crew members? License plate numbers?
  • Confirm how you can reach each other during the event.

As a planner, you don't have to speak as fluently about AV technology as a technician. On the contrary, your AV team is there to support you 200%. But a bit of insight into what's needed helps.

All that's left then is the rehearsal to rule out the very last surprises. Events wouldn't be half as exciting without the unexpected, right?