A sustainable sip


We think alike

Thank you, Samsung Display Solutions, for treating us to a wonderful evening! Last night in Bachte-Maria-Leerne (at the Vosselaere Put restaurant), we strengthened our bonds and payed a tribute to the partnership of like-minded companies. But we share more than just an appreciation for a good dinner.

For our team and the planet

To make the celebration complete, everyone took home a stylish and sustainable gift: 

  • An Organic Cotton lunch bag, 
  • a Klean Kanteen tumbler for coffee or iced tea, and 
  • a Camelback water bottle. 

With this bottle, we started a modest, but firm in-house campaign promoting the consumption of tap water (and staying hydrated). Although it’s also a perfect fit for hot chocolate or soup, of course. Mhmm, hot chocolate.