3 Future AV Technologies


Technology is so powerful that it can change the world. In our Whitemilk Lab, we are always experimenting and testing. At the request of manufacturers, we push the boundaries of new technology. And we don't leave his lab until we have found a solution for an impossible problem in a project. That's why no one knows better than our Lab crew what the future holds. Here are three things we should keep an eye on.

1_ AoIP becomes 'All over IP'

For years, AoIP has stood for 'Audio over IP,' the distribution of digital audio over an IP network (IP = Internet Protocol). But more and more, these networks are also used to transmit video, USB... It's now more accurate to say that AoIP stands for 'Everything over IP.' This presents challenges. Solutions like Dante®, NDI®, or SRT address these challenges. They pave the way for transmitting data over the existing IP infrastructure quickly, flexibly, and in the highest quality. That's what the future demands.

In the past at Whitemilk, we dealt with sound or visuals, or both. With projectors and screens. Today, it also involves USB, network booking... We are no longer purely focused on AV, nor solely on IT, but on everything simultaneously. We no longer work with just technicians or electricians at our clients' sites but also with IT managers, facility managers, office managers... Our job remains technical, but now we also handle 'All over IP,' and it's also a very human job. We listen and explain.

2_ Eo1C: Everything over 1 Cable

While we're coining abbreviations... We're noticing more and more that everything has to go over the same cable to the client's device. 5 or 6 USB devices, HDMI... are now all consolidated into the all-powerful USB-C connector. That single cable charges the device, sends visuals to the meeting room, connects a camera to the PC... 

But not all cables are created equal. We always make it a point to conduct extensive testing, either in a lab environment or in a test setup at the client's site. That one cable may work, but you must find the right one, and you must be certain that your devices handle it well. In an ideal world, you plug in the cable and you're good to go, but experience teaches us that the real world often operates a bit differently.

3_ Equity or Equality

To continue the discussion, let's talk about 'meeting equity' or 'meeting equality.' Depending on the marketing team, each manufacturer seems to have their preference. In theory, equity is more about fairness, while equality refers to equivalence. At Whitemilk, we often skip the expensive words, but we can't ignore the concept.

It boils down to considering everyone as equivalent, whether you're participating in a meeting from home or sitting in the meeting room. Everyone appears prominently on screen, you can hear everyone, know when it's your turn to speak, read each other's body language, everyone can take notes in the same way or use the whiteboard...

Barco even created a podcast about it in the spring of 2022, and Microsoft wrote an amusing story (click here if you want to read it all) about how it all began with a few folding tables from the budget store Costco in the Hive, the space where the team works on prototypes at the campus in Redmond, Washington. Meanwhile, we continue to closely monitor the evolution.